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Website Survival  Guide

So many people lose weeks searching for “How much should a website cost?” without knowing exactly what they need.  Without dragging you through a 20 minute video or requiring your email address we are going to give you a complete look at all of the pieces in the process of building a web site or upgrading an existing site.  This is everything you need whether you use our services, others or a mixture.

When you are ready to compare prices we make it very easy for you to compare as you can build your own custom price in our online store!  Here we go….

1. Choose and Purchase Your Domain Name

Your domain name is the address your customers will find you on the web (http://yourdomainname)  as well as email you (you@yourdomainname).These days there are many choices for the top level domain and go well beyond .com, .org, .net to new releases like .agent, .space and even .web.  This can be helpful when you find the name of your company is already being used on the web.

For example if  your company name is Lemonade you might find lemonade.com and lemonade.org already taken but lemonade.biz is available for purchase.

There are many choices of registrars to purchase your domain name from including HostGator, GoDaddy, Network Solutions and thousands more.  WN5k happens to be a reseller for HostGator and can register your domain name for you.  Each registrar provides a search feature to help you find an available domain name and HostGator’s is at https://register.hostgator.com/.