Web, Website, Email and SEO Services from WN5k

Email Services

We provide email services in blocks of 5 accounts for small business and in blocks of 50 for medium to large business.  Our pricing starts at $2/user/month and goes down as you purchase larger blocks.  All accounts come with webmail and full support for all email clients on the market.

Online Sales / Membership Services

Do you need to setup a store front?  Perhaps you just want to have a private members only area of your website?  We can help you get there quickly, securely and cost effectively.

Content Management

Although we trust you will find WordPress intuitive and easy to use if you don’t have the time or staff to update your own content we have you covered.  We can handle updating your copy, press releases, images and even your customer database if needed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our designs include built-in best practices for scoring with Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.  That being said often the first step that is missed is taking the time to register your business as a physical entity with these search engines.  We can assist you with this if needed.  In addition we can integrate Google Analytics and help you analyze what does and doesn’t work on your website.

Online Advertising – Google AdWords

Even the best built website and proper SEO will not guarantee you will reach all of your potential clients.  Google AdWords is the most cost-effective online marketing tool and will easily drive all the traffic you want to your website.  We will help you plan and design your online campaigns and set them up in Google AdWords.

We can help you through the planning and setup of your campaigns and then leave you to administrate Google AdWords or we can manage the campaign for you.

In addition we can assist you with Facebook campaigns.  Facebook is one of the largest collections of customers online and advertising can be very cost effective and fun!

Custom Programming, Plugins & Widgets

If you have the need for a custom function on your website we have the capabilities to develop or re-design existing code to fit your needs.  We can pretty much make WordPress do anything you want!

Graphic Design

We provide high quality photography and image optimization for the web.  We have a shortened version of an image study if you need to develop a new or first company logo and tagline as well.